Woodworking Complex «BM Sakhalin»

«BM Sakhalin», JSC is carrying out an investment project related to the creation of joint woodworking industry in cooperation with Sakhalin Oblast government (a share of Sakhalin Oblast government in authorized capital is 67%).

The project objective development of modern woodworking industry aimed at rival product release.

Project capacity:

150 thousand m3 Dry lumber

50 thousand m3 Elements of wooden construction

100 thousand tons Fuel pellets

100 thousand tons Pulpchips

Reaching of project capacity date is 2022 year.

Financial Highlights:

The total cost investment is$ 161 million
Net present value (NPV) is$ 33,1 million
Internal rate of return (IRR)24,3%
Discounted payback period (DPBP)11,9 years
Revenue Forecast to 2025 year is$ 665 million
Tasks: Strengths of the investment project: Current project status:

  Office on Sakhalin 694420, Russia, Sakhalin Region, Aleksandrovsk, Lesnoi pereulok 1.

Contact person for the partnership:

Head of Investment Planning Directorate
Olga Stefanchuk, Telephone: +7 (4212) 23-28-66,

Khabarovsk city, Oblachnyy pereulok 78A.

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