Timber industry

About half of all Russian Far East commercial timber is prodused within the territory of Khabarovsk Krai (the base for the «BM group»).

The region formed the largest timber processing infrastructure, including procurement, mechanical and chemical wood processing.

Dynamics of amount of logging companies

The volume dynamics of timber company

The main regions of logging activities of the company

Khabarovsk Krai

  • 67% of the territory is covered by forests
  • 1,9 million hectares an area of timber compartment
  • 186,3 million m3 the total timber stock
  • 122,1 million m3 the stock of ripe and overripe
  • 1,7 million m3 the periodic yield with possible amount of wood

Timber cutting process is based on using of high-tech assortment technology. This technology allows to increase the productivity of mechanized lumbering, in accordance with modern environmental requirements.

Technology is based on agregate complex consisting of Harvester and Forwarder joint work. The equipment of world leaders of the industry «Komatsu Forest» and «Ponsse» allows to make a felling, shortening, haulage and piling of wood in difficult landscape conditions.

The technological scheme allows to keep more than 70% of staddle and more than 90% of mantle soil.

Moreover felling and milling machines «John-Deere» are used in the process of timber cutting. These machines cut down wood by long shoot for cuttings. Such mechanism helps to provide safety of staddle and conditions for subsequent reforestation.

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