«BM group» - a title partner of “Nash vybor 27” exhibition fair


«BM group» - a title partner of “Nash vybor 27” exhibition fair

14:34 12.07.2017

On 24-25 of July in Khabarovsk City embankment a major event “Nash vybor 27” exhibition fair took place. The event gathered manufacturing enterprises, foodstuff manufacturers, restaurant-keepers and public service representatives in the Krai embankment. «BM group» group of companies took on the role of a title partner of such a significant event for the city.

“Taking part in such a major event we make a contribution in renewal of a wonderful tradition with more than 100-year history, - Aleksandr Pudovkin noticed, Director General, - Our predecessors have organized Priamurskiy fair in hopes of economy development of the remote part of Russia. Nowadays Krai has potential of development and we are able to go on with this. We can multiply the Far East people’s achievements”.

As part of the fair the «BM group» companies has shown the proper high-quality production and informed about job opportunities. The company includes complete production cycle and that is why it constantly needs employees.

The main event of the fair has become the preparation of 3 tons of Amur ukha (fish soup). It took about 2 tons of fish. Khabarovsk Krai Governor, Viacheslav Shport participated in the process of preparing. Head of the Krai handed out first ten portions and started setting up two records at once in Russian Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records.

As a result, 15 thousand of portions of ukha were handed out and the record of Russia was fixed in the mass fish soup treating.

As part of the awarding ceremony of fair participants and partners Khabarovsk Krai Governor, Viacheslav Shport expressed gratitude to the collective of the «BM group» group of companies for active participation in organization and carrying out of the multipurpose “Nash vybor 27” exhibition fair. As an event binder, the Director General has presented to the Governor a big wooden spoon for setting up further records, not just Russian but also world records.

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